Virginia couple charged after child living in cold trailer suffered severe frostbite, had leg amputated

one year ago

Russell County news, Virginia news.

A Castlewood, Virginia couple was arrested and charged in connection with the severe frostbite that led to amputation for a young child.

The Russell County Sheriff's Office said that Rebecca Bremner and Michael Park were arrested on child abuse and neglect charges on Jan. 19.

Days before their arrest, a child living with the couple inside a cold trailer was rushed to a hospital with “severe frostbite to his lower extremities.”

The child's feet were black and discolored and doctors decided to amputate one of his legs below the knee to save his life.

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  • Bremner told detectives that she, Park, and the child “had been living in a box trailer on the residence property for a couple of months, which had three heaters inside.”

    The trailer had no windows and two doors. There was a toilet for the child that was only cleaned up “about twice a week” and the boy was bathed in an outdoor hot tub.

    The Sheriff's Office said that the couple had 40 dogs on the property noting that the animals appeared “healthy and well cared for.”

    Authorities did not specify the couple's relationship with the child.