Wrong-way crash kills 5 young people, including 2 high schoolers, in Wyoming

one year ago

Wyoming news, US news.

A tragic crash in Wyoming claimed the young lives of five high school students who were headed back home to Arkansas from a road trip.

An intoxicated driver traveling the wrong way on Interstate 80 triggered a string of crashes after slamming his Dodge Ram into another car and a commercial truck, authorities said.

Another truck trying to avoid the scene swerved right into the victims' Ford F-150 killing all vehicle occupants.

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  • High school seniors Suzy Prime and Ava Grace Luplow and recent graduates Andrea Prime, Salomon Correa, and Maggie Franco all perished when their car burst into flames. Their ages ranged from 18 to 23.

    The victims were reportedly on their way home from a Wyoming trip where they attended Jackson Hole Bible College.

    The suspect was busted on suspicion of driving under the influence. Phil Prime, the father of sisters Suzy and Andrea Prime, said he tries not to hate the culprit.

    “We could become angry and we could become bitter, but all those things destroy you. Those feelings don't help you,” he said adding that all five victims were devoted to their faith and “they would want their death to be for the lord's honor and glory, not some vehicle to...promote hate.”