NYC girl, 17, fell to death from luxury high-rise apartment with mom, aunt present: 'She looked out window & saw her daughter'

23 days ago

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Authorities revealed more details about the tragic demise of a New York City teen who jumped to her death Sunday afternoon.

The 17-year-old girl leapt from her family's eighth-floor apartment in a luxury Upper East Side high-rise at around 1 p.m.

“The mom's inside the apartment with her sister when she hears a loud thud. She looked out the fire escape window and saw her daughter,” police said.

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  • The doorman of a neighboring building revealed that the girl was the daughter of an investment banker and that she had a sister.

    “He has two daughters and they usually come over and say Hi,” he said. “Very nice people. Very nice.”

    He continued: “I haven't seen them in the last few weeks. They haven't been around. Yesterday, I went on my lunch and a minute later she jumped. It's terrible. Shock.”

    The incident is the second apparent suicide on the luxury block in six months.