Waukesha Parade suspect removed from court as trial goes chaotic: ‘He’s playing games & he enjoys it’

2 months ago

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Court proceedings were repeatedly interrupted during the trial of Darrell Brooks Jr., the suspect accused of killing six people at the Waukesha Christmas Parade attack last year.

The 40-year-old chose to defend himself, but without legal training, Brooks kept interrupting jury selection proceedings on Monday, prompting Waukesha County Circuit Judge Jennifer Dorow to kick him out of the court several times.

“If your intention is to disrupt these proceedings…or make a mockery of this court, I cannot tolerate that,” she told Brooks.

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  • Back in August, Brooks fell asleep at the defense table and then began ranting and provoking a bailiff after he woke up.

    Brooks who faces a life sentence may have chosen to represent himself to delay the trial as long as possible and to make it chaotic so that he could later request an appeal.

    “He’s playing games and I think he enjoys it,” former Waukesha County District Attorney Paul Bucher said. “It’s going to be terrible for the victims and the witnesses.”