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Trump’s performance at final debate may pull undecided voters into his camp

‘Really no emotion’: Mom strangled daughter, 5, to death with pants because she looked like her dad

Mitch McConnell denies health issues after appearing with bruised face and hands

California girl, 5, gunned down by younger relative; dad dropped her off at hospital and ran away

Promising pedestrian, 16, killed herself in stable after argument with mom over riding too fast

2 assassination plots against Biden foiled this week in North Carolina and Maryland


N. Dakota infant died of chronic starvation while 3 siblings tested positive for meth; Mom in custody

Man fatally shot female friend’s teenager son who stole his reptiles worth $28k: ‘He took that boy under his wing’

Twitter users joke over Biden calling Proud Boys ‘Poor Boys’

Highlights of the 90-minutes face-off between Trump and Biden: What they had to say about six critical issues?

Boyfriend killed pregnant mom-of-two, wrapped her in tarp and stuffed body in freezer for 3 days

Family of Ohio man wants accidental drowning case reopened claiming victim was attacked days prior to death

Trump leads attacks on refs, social media in waning days of 2020 race

Woman admits to seeing ‘blood spraying everywhere’ as she beat toddler’s head to death using a tire iron

Police left stunned after serial bank robber turns out to be Miami attorney

Woman repeatedly stabs straphanger killing him during train ride in Los Angeles

Biden’s ads flood TV and social media as Democrats outspend opponents by millions

October 22nd 2020

2 sets of human remains found buried within 10 months in same Florida backyard

Colorado wildfire grew 6 times its size in one night to become 4th largest in state’s history

Will Trump use Giuliani’s ‘hard-drive from hell’ against Biden in Today’s debate?

Obama to rally support for Biden in battleground states

Democratic voters targeted by ‘intimidating and threatening’ emails in several states

Florida deputy fired after arming children with service weapons; ordering them to fire at people and performing exorcism

Texas man, 21, wanted for fatal shooting of ex-girlfriend as she rode with new fiancé in car

Alabama mom-of-4 believed to have been mauled to death by owned dogs: ‘Her foot was completely dislocated’

Ohio woman executed ailing husband who requested her to end his suffering

Father sentenced in triple murder of sons over financial hardships