Neighbors of Waukesha parade suspect say 39-year-old man ‘talked to himself’, was ‘always off’ before going on carnage

2 months ago

Waukesha news, Wisconsin news.

The man who stands accused of plowing his red SUV into a celebrating Christmas parade Sunday afternoon was described by neighbors as someone who was “always off.”

39-year-old Darrell Brooks lived with his mother, rapped about “killing people” and posted anti-Trump chants before he went on a horrific carnage, ramming his car into a group of elderly and youngsters enjoying the holiday parade.

“He was always a little off.” A neighbor said. “I didn’t know him more than ‘hi and bye’ but I remember seeing that red truck parked there.”

Five people, aged between 42 and 81, were killed and 48 others including 18 children sustained injuries.

“He must’ve snapped,” another neighbor added. “The whole thing is messed up but it doesn’t surprise me.”

Minutes before he plowed the vehicle into the festive crowd, Brooks has been involved in a domestic disturbance involving a knife, and three days before the tragedy, on November 16, he was released on a $1,000 bond over an incident where he “purposefully” ran over her with his vehicle.