Alabama death row inmate executed despite victim’s family, fellow inmates pleas for mercy

4 month ago

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An Alabama death row inmate was executed Thursday for the 1994 shooting death of his ex-girlfriend despite her family’s and fellow inmates' pleas to spare his life.

50-year-old Joe Nathan James Jr. received the lethal injection at 9 p.m. after an hours-delay forced by pleas from victim Faith Hall’s family.

“Today is a tragic day for our family,” a statement from the victim’s relatives said. “We are having to relive the hurt that this caused us many years ago.”

“We hoped the state wouldn’t take a life simply because a life was taken and we have forgiven Mr. Joe Nathan James Jr. for his atrocities toward our family. We have relied upon our faith to get us through these dark days.”

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    James Jr. didn’t receive visitors on his last day or request a last meal. He reportedly ate his lunch on Thursday and refused dinner ahead of his execution.

    “Justice has been served. Joe James was put to death for the heinous act he committed nearly three decades ago,” AG Steve Marshall said following the process.

    “In the years since, Joe had tried to blame everything and everyone in an attempt to escape the consequences of his crime. Tonight, Joe James finally received his just punishment.”