Wisconsin man stabs wife to death, washed body every day for 2 weeks to hide foul odor

1 month ago

Greenfield news, Wisconsin news.

A Wisconsin man was arrested following a standoff with police after the human remains of his 50-year-old were found in a Greenfield home.

On May 18, police made the grisly discovery of Jamie Ward’s decomposing body in a bedroom; confirming her identity was possible through dental records.

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  • Ward’s death was ruled a homicide; she was last seen alive on May 4. Her husband, Braeden Ward, had admitted to stabbing her to death two weeks earlier.

    “I think it’s unsettling to know that could happen anywhere just very, very sad,” a neighbor said. “It’s real scary, especially when you have little kids running around the house and outside in the yard.”

    The suspect told authorities that he had been washing the remains every day to hide the foul odor.