Michigan man kills, dismembers girlfriend, lives with remains he hid in bathroom for months

1 month ago

Clinton Township news, Michigan news.

A Thursday court hearing revealed grisly details about the death and dismemberment of a Michigan woman at the hands of her boyfriend in Clinton Township.

Matthew Lewinski was charged with first-degree murder, disinterment, and mutilation of a dead body, and concealing a person’s death after the July 2021 gruesome discovery of Jerri Winters’ body.

Lewinski’s sister and brother-in-law were in court to testify about finding Winters’ mutilated body in a downstairs bathroom at the condo owned by the siblings’ father. The suspect was hospitalized at the time.

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  • “I saw something on the floor, didn’t know what it was,” Joseph Federico said adding that he only saw arms and legs before calling the police.

    Clinton Township Detective Michael Chirco told the court that as he responded to the gruesome basement bathroom scene, the body was face down, arms severed and skin removed.

    Lewinski told detectives that he choked Winters until she passed out, then moved her body to the basement where he perpetrated the mutilation. The crime is believed to have occurred in December 2020.