Fifth-graders hospitalized after consuming marijuana gummies at school

one year ago

Michigan news, US news.

Families of two Michigan fifth-graders are outraged after their children consumed marijuana edibles at school earlier this week.

The Grand River Academy students were hospitalized “out of an abundance of caution” while the school principal promised to discipline them.

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  • “Today I sent my baby to school with nothing wrong with him…2 hours later, I was getting a call that my son was given a marijuana gummy and that 911 had been called & the paramedics were on the way,” mom Krystle Hall wrote on Facebook.

    Hall was even more furious to learn that police won’t file charges against her son’s child who shared the cannabis edibles with him; she questioned why her 11-year-old son would be disciplined if he did not know what it was.

    “There’s no reason for him to be disciplined, he didn’t do anything at the school. The only thing he did was take a piece of what he thought was candy from his friend,” she explained.