Parents turn teen children in after 4 juveniles carjacked elderly woman’s vehicle, dragged her to death

3 month ago

New Orleans news, Louisiana news.

A New Orleans woman was carjacked and dragged for more than a block before she died Monday, and police now have the suspects in custody thanks to cooperative parents.

Linda Frickey, 73, had just left her work at around 1:30 p.m. in the Mid-City when a group of teens forced themselves into her 2021 grey Nissan Kicks and drove with her still trapped by the driver’s seatbelt.

The teens kept speeding for a while with Frickey being dragged, causing her arm to be severed and she died at the scene.

“I got off my vehicle screaming ‘stop stop you are dragging someone,” an eyewitness recalled. “He took off with the vehicle. Sill dragging her. Reckless. No care for human beings at all.”

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  • On Tuesday, the New Orleans Police Department said that four teens were arrested over the fatal carjacking incident: three girls and a boy, aging from 15 to 17 years old.

    They added that the arrests couldn’t be made that quickly without the teens’ families who turned them in after learning about the crime.

    “This was an incredibly difficult decision, on the behalf of these parents, and I want to commend them for doing the right thing,” Police Superintendent Shaun Ferguson said.

    “It’s very painful to turn in your child for something you know they were not raised to be.”