Newborn left to freeze outside Chicago fire station: ‘No one heard the doorbell’

4 month ago

Chicago news, Illinois news.

A lifeless newborn was found inside a snow-covered duffel bag Saturday, right outside a Chicago fire station.

It was unclear whether the baby boy found inside the bag in freezing temperatures was already dead when placed there.

He was found under inches of snow at about 5 a.m. Saturday while crews shoveled snow outside the Near North Side fire.

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  • “They were in and out so much that morning no one heard the doorbell,” Chicago Fire Dept. Spokesman Larry Langford said.

    The location where the infant was left is a designated safe haven. But Langford stressed that there needs to be a contact with a person at the station or a call to 911 and not just “dumping” babies outside.

    “We’re trying to make it clear that you have to make contact. Ringing a bell is not making contact. You have to physically see someone and hand the child over,” he explained.