Parents arrested after 2 toddlers ingested fentanyl, one died

one year ago

Circleville news, Ohio news.

An Ohio couple is behind bars after they left a stash of fentanyl within the reach of their small children causing one’s death Sunday.

Nicholas D. Lee, 25, and Brianna E. Roush, 26, took their poisoned children to Ohio Health Berger Hospital where staff notified police.

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  • A 20-month-old was not breathing and a 3-year-old vomited after they got into the parents’ fentanyl at the family’s Circleville apartment. The younger sibling later died at the hospital.

    A search of the apartment revealed fentanyl and acetyl fentanyl; the couple admitted to using the drugs in addition to cocaine and selling them for a living.

    Lee and Roush were arrested and charged with manslaughter, child endangering, and drug trafficking.