Oxford gunman told teacher that graphic drawings he left on desk were for ‘video game’& he wanted to fulfill designing career

2 months ago

Oxford news, Michigan news.

Prosecutors in the case of the Oxford High School shooting alleged that a teacher had discovered disturbing sketches on the desk of the suspect hours before he went on a rampage.

Ethan Crumbley claimed the drawings were for video games and that he wanted to fulfill games designing as a career.

The sketches depicted drawing of bullets, a handgun, and a bloody victim along with sentences “the thoughts won’t stop” and “Blood everywhere.”

After discovering the teen’s notes, the teacher alerted school officials and Crumbley was removed from class. It took over 90 minutes for his parents to respond to the school’s summoning.

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  • Meanwhile, counselors “continued to observe, analyze and speak” with the student who was doing his homework until his parents arrived.

    “At no time did counselors believe the student might harm others based on his behavior, responses, and demeanor, which appeared calm.”

    Meeting with the Crumbleys did not add much to the school’s knowledge since they kept mum on the newly purchased gun and their son’s handling of it.

    “When the parents were asked to take their son home for the day, they flatly refused and left without their son, apparently to return to work,” the school superintendent added.

    Counselors then decided to send Crumbley back to classes “rather than to an empty house.”