Parents of Oxford shooter arrested in basement hiding from cops; charged with involuntary manslaughter

2 months ago

Oxford news, Michigan news.

Parents of Oxford High School shooter have been busted after an extensive manhunt Friday and are now facing involuntary manslaughter charges.

James and Jennifer Crumbley were located in a basement when their car was found abandoned in the area of Mount Elliot and Lafayette, Detroit.

Oakland County Sheriff’s Office Steve Huber had earlier on Friday described the couple as “fugitives” because they ignored their own lawyer calls to surrender for questioning.

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  • The lawyer had previously claimed that the Crumbleys were not hiding from police but for their own safety adding that they would be cooperating with the investigation.

    “The attorney this morning told us if charged were issued, and at that point, they had not been, that she would make arrangement to have them arrested.”

    “Given that their attorney said that they would handle this if charged were issued, and now they’re not responding to the attorney – it certainly is indicative of their intent to flee, which is certainly something we plan to stop very short,” Sheriff Michael Bouchard said.