Mississippi inmate pleads with Supreme Court to execute him after spending decades on death row: ‘Carry out the justice!’

9 month ago

George County news, Mississippi news.

A Mississippi death row inmate has had enough waiting for his execution day and pled with the Supreme Court to just “carry out the justice.”

“I ask to see that my execution should be carried out forthwith,” Blayde Nathaniel Grayson wrote in a letter to the court.

In the summer of 1997, Grayson was convicted of murdering 78-year-old Minnie Smith amid a burglary. Since then, he was sentenced to death and remained detained waiting for the court decision.

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  • “Sirs& Ma'ams I drop my appeals and thank the courts of our nation for doing its burdensome duty,” Grayson’s letter also reads.

    “Please with expedience carry out the justice myself, and the victims’ families and my own family has waited for now 25 plus years!!!”

    It is the second time in less than a month that a Mississippi death row inmate asks to be put to death. On Nov. 17, David Neal Cox was executed after dropping all his appeals, calling himself “worthy of death.”