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Infant girl mauled to death by pit bull at family home during raging July 4th party

Kentucky mom of 4 hit and killed while helping crash victim

A month after vanishing, nonverbal 3-year-old found dead in Colorado river


California security guard shot customer to death because he refused to wear mask

Mom charged with daughter’s murder after claiming toddler brother, 2, fatally shot her

Ohio man who tossed barrel with human body inside over fence removed fingers and tattoos to conceal identity

Colorado man shot twice in heart by Park Ranger for fast-driving: 'It's a citation, not a death sentence'

Remains of man missing since 2015 found in home of friend trying to flee disguised as sister

Florida boy, 7, shot dead at home amid concerns about his safety: ‘Children cannot protect themselves’

Vanessa Guillen’s murder: Suspects wore hairnets, gloves as they mutilated and burned body

Rep. Lee Zeldin claims that De Blasio should be removed from office

LAPD guessing possible blue flu sick-out over July 4 weekend

18-year-old man killed by deputies was shot 5 times in his back according to an autopsy

Charges against Seattle driver who hit protesters

A nurse and an ex-officer charged in suspect's death

Harvard and MIT are trying to block the ICE rule on their international students

Supreme Court gives Trump the opportunity to spare employers from Obamacare birth control mandate

Mary Kay Letourneau, teacher jailed for child rape, dies at 58.

Atlanta mayor in conflict with governor, asks for mandatory masks in the city

NYC Mayor said schools will adopt a hybrid strategy during the fall semester

California doctor shot dead while hiking with teen son who spent 30 hours hiding in woods

Mentally ill man punches toddler’s face several times leaving him dead

Body parts of missing Connecticut teacher found floating off NY Island 2 months later

July 8th 2020

New Jersey nurse filmed her battle with coronavirus before succumbing: ‘I feel horrible’

Badly decomposed human head found on sidewalk by Florida jogger

Disabled Ohio boy, 8, found dead in hotel swimming pool

Dad frustrated over losing arm-wrestling matches to son, tries to shoot him, leads police into 7-hour standoff

Teen, 17, died from coronavirus she contracted at church after parents sought home-treatment

Suicidal missing Wisconsin girl, 10, found dead near home after leaving final note

‘You got what you deserved’: Shouted man as he fired at murder victim’s grave

Father loses his son in arm wrestling after it led to a shooting

Judge rejects Dakota Access request for emergency order

The US is considering banning the Chinese social media app TikTok

Cops in St. Petersburg investigating human head found on the road