Oregon authorities seek public help after 8 wolves from endangered pack poisoned, killed in ‘egregious crime’

2 months ago

Oregon news, US news.

Oregon State authorities shave requested the public’s help in their efforts searching for people involved in the poisoning of a pack of eight endangered wolves.

Five animals from the Catherine Pack in Union County and three others from different packs were murdered since last February with the last incident reported in July.

Toxicology results conducted by the US Fish and Wildlife Service forensics lab in Ashland later revealed that the eight were killed by multiple kinds of poison.

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  • Defenders of Wildlife’s Sristi Kamal said that losing that number of wolves “is so egregious” given that now, only 170 wolves live in Oregon.

    “This is horrific. This is quite clearly an intentional and repeat offense.”

    Captain Stephanie Bigman added that so far, police have not named a suspect.

    “All investigative leads have been exhausted and that is why we are reaching out to the public for assistance,” she said.