Former Minnesota school principal found dead in cell while serving time for warrant

11 days ago

Brainerd news, Minnesota news.

Minnesota authorities said that a former middle school principal was found dead in his cell at the Brainerd jail where he was serving time for several criminal offenses.

53-year-old Christopher Jerome Endicott was found unresponsive on Saturday. Officials said that all efforts to revive him went unsuccessful.

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  • After pleading guilty to burglary, identity theft, and stalking in 2019, Endicott blamed “financial ruin” for his wrongdoings and apologized to his victims, his colleagues, and relatives.

    “I don’t pretend that what I did will ever make sense, even to me,” Endicott said.

    The Minnesota Department of Corrections released Endicott earlier this month as part of a program aiming to allow involved inmates to live under supervision within the community.