Civil Rights Attorney Ben Crump accuses Rittenhouse’s judge of bias, witness officers of ‘apathy’ following not guilty verdict

16 days ago

Kenosha news, Wisconsin news.

In response to the verdict reached in the Kyle Rittenhouse case, Civil Rights Attorney Ben Crump accused Judge Schroeder of siding by the defendant and witnesses of apathy.

“The Rittenhouse case has pulled back the curtain on profound cracks in our justice system – from deep bias routinely and unabashedly displayed by the judge to the apathy of officers who witnessed Rittenhouse’s actions and did nothing,” Crump said Friday.

“If we were talking about a Black man, the conversation and outcome would be starkly different. But we’re not…We’re talking about Kyle Rittenhouse, a racist, homicidal vigilante who, like so many white men before him, not only escaped accountability but laughed in its face.”

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  • Last week, Crump who represents Jacob Blake, went honest about his personal opinion of Judge Schroeder’s handling of the proceedings.

    “What’s amazing to me is how the Judge has demonstrated his bias in support of Rittenhouse in all his rulings throughout the entire case,” Crump wrote on Twitter.

    “If a Black man killed two unarmed people on video, no judge would be giving him favorable rulings on hardly any motions.”