Tennessee teen, 16, shot and killed at funeral; two kids arrested: ‘His brain was scattered on sidewalk’

3 month ago

Memphis news, Tennessee news.

The grieving mom of a 16-year-old shooting victim described graphic final moments after he was gunned down at a funeral Saturday.

Emmit Beasley, 16, had helped with organizing the funeral proceeding in the Hyde Park neighborhood before two juveniles opened fire killing him and injuring another teen.

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  • “His brains were scattered on the sidewalk,” the victim’s mom Chasity Graham said. “My son was dead. And that’s the last image I will have of my 16-year-old son.”

    “I watched my son pray in that church, pray he actually helped ushers in the church put seats down to put chairs down for kids to sit down during his kids’ service.”

    The late teen was a Southwind High School student and aspiring rapper.