Brain Laundrie’s remains IDd through dental records suggesting body decomposed ‘very quickly’ due to predators’ presence

1 month ago

Florida news, US news.

According to a former NYPD detective, the sole explanation for the quick decomposition of Brian Laundrie’s remains may be that the body was “eaten away” by predators at the Myakkahatchee Creek Environment Park.

Tom Joyce believes that Brian’s lifeless body suffered “a lot of post-mortem predation” due to the submerged conditions of the area in recent weeks.

“If the remains are skeletal, that means the tissue has been pulled away from the bones. Most likely by alligators, crabs, fish, and stuff like that,” the retired commander said.

“That’s what it sounds like to me because it’s definitely not long enough time for it to go naturally.”

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  • “If it’s only a three to four week period and there are only skeletal remains and very limited tissue remaining, I would have to say there’s a lot, a lot of activity that pulls all the skin and flesh and muscle and stuff away.”

    Joyce added that determining a cause of death will be “very challenging” if not “impossible.”

    “Realistically, there are three things that could’ve happened: He could’ve died accidentally, or by natural causes in the area because he ran out of food and maybe he was attacked by an animal.”

    He added: “He could have committed suicide, or even potentially been the victim of a homicide. Considering the latest developments, the investigators have a lot of work still to do in this case.”