Laundrie attorney says Brian was ‘very upset’ and ignored dad’s pleas to stay home before he left for the last time

2 months ago

North Port news, Florida news.

The Laundrie family’s attorney revealed Thursday Brian Laundrie’s last known state of mind, describing how his father Chris tried in vain to stop him from leaving the home on September 13.

“I can tell you Brian was very upset when he left,” Attorney Steve Bertolino told NBC News.

“Chris conveyed to me several times he wished he wouldn’t have let him go, but he couldn’t stop him.”

But Brian, the attorney added, was unstoppable. He vanished since that day leaving his parents in agony.

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  • “Brian is a grown man, a young man; 22-year-old. He wanted to walk out the door. He’s entitled to walk out that door.”

    The FBI confirmed Thursday that skeletal remains found by Brian’s parents were actually his. Detectives visited the Laundrie family residence to bring Chris and Roberta Laundrie the grim news.

    “There are two young people that have now lost their lives,” Bertolino said. “These are parents that are suffering.”

    “Now I understand that whatever happened or whatever didn’t happen…this is tragic for two families. And anybody with a child and anybody with a sense of humanity can understand the frustration both families feel on that point.”