Michigan man gets trapped inside wood chipper, dies after equipment caught loose jacket

2 months ago

West Bloomfield news, Michigan news.

A tragic accident involving a Michigan worker and his equipment is being investigated by the West Bloomfield Police detectives.

The 48-year-old victim was one of three employees processing trees in Champlain Circle near Middlebelt and Lone Pine roads at a private residence and had been using wood chipper equipment.

“We received a 911 call from an individual that said his co-worker had been found inside of a wood chipper,” Deputy Chief Curt Lawson said.

“They were able to provide first aid to the individual who was, at the time, conscious.”

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  • “Every indication at this point is that his jacket may have been caught on a branch that was being fed into the wood chipper.”

    The official said that the responding deputies were shocked by the extent of the victim’s injuries, as they rushed the man to a hospital; he succumbed despite their best efforts.

    “It’s something you can’t prepare yourself for and those officers you know we have a peer support program here,” Lawson said.

    “We have individuals for then to talk to. And we also debrief that incident because we have to make sure our officers’ mental health is a priority for us.”