‘You will die’: Chicago suspect on probation shoots cop to face amid a struggle

2 months ago

Chicago news, Illinois news.

A Chicago police officer had been shot to the face amid a struggle with an officer Monday and bodycam footage caught him shouting: “You will die.”

23-year-old Jovan McPherson was on probation when he shot an officer three times hitting his cheek as he tried to carjack a woman’s car at the parking lot of a Cook County mall.

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  • “I got a gun, too,” McPherson reportedly told the cop after he followed him to the victim’s car.

    McPherson now faces charges of attempted murder and kidnapping. He was on probation for drug possession and fleeing and eluding arrest.

    The wounded officer received treatment and left the hospital. McPherson claimed that officers fired at him while his attorney suggested the shots were fired accidentally amid his struggle with the officer.