As Covid-positivity rates wane in Idaho, State Doctor declares: ‘We’ve lost war’

8 days ago

Idaho news, US news.

An Idaho doctor made a shocking declaration at a Tuesday press briefing telling reporters that the state’s war with Covid is “lost.”

“Today I’m here to tell you that we’ve lost the war,” Dr. Steven Nemersob said. “The reason it is here to stay is that we cannot vaccinate enough of the public to fully eradicate the disease.”

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  • The Chief Clinical Officer at Saint Alphonsus Health System added: “And absent being able to do that…we now need to move into the phase of recognizing that Covid is going to be a disease to be managed for the long-term future.”

    Nemersob’s remarks come as positivity rates began to wane, yet still consequent, and patients in need of hospitalization are in decrease since September 24.

    However, only 53.4 percent of Idahoans have been fully inoculated against the coronavirus. The number includes children aged 12 and older and is considered well behind the National Vaccination rate of 66.2 percent of fully-vaccinated Americans.