NJ multimillionaire stabbed to death after cutting out daughter from will

15 days ago

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A “disgruntled” woman had reportedly attacked her elderly dad and his girlfriend stabbing them to death after learning she was cut out of the wealthy man’s will.

The incident took place on Sept. 29 at the ritzy Jersey Shore residence of John Enders, 87, and Francoise Pitoy, 75, police said.

Sherry Lee Heffernan, 55, arrived overnight in an RV and stayed inside the residence for nearly an hour before leaving the scene, without turning on the RV’s headlights.

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  • She allegedly returned an hour later wearing “large clothes” and an orange bag hopped the fence and tried to get rid of the evidence.

    Four days later, the couple’s bodies were discovered in a gory scene with blood splatters in several parts of the home.

    “I can’t believe she did this,” a family member said adding that Enders had deprived both his daughters of his heirloom.

    Heffernan had reportedly asked to be the broker for her multimillionaire dad’s six-bedroom Surf City bayfront worth $1.9 million.