West Nile Virus hits fatality record this year killing 19 Americans; Mosquito season to blame

1 month ago

US news.

At least 19 Americans have been killed this year from the mosquito-borne West Nile Virus, health officials warned.

The victims are two residents from Colorado, two others from Nebraska, and two Texans. The other fatalities were reported in Utah, Arkansas, New Jersey, Idaho, and South Dakota.

California and Nebraska recorded four fatalities each equaling Maricopa County, Az. toll.

“West Nile Virus can be a serious health threat to people who get infected,” Dr. Muntu Davis said adding that the infection causes paralysis, meningitis, and death in patients with underlying health issues.

In total, 43 states have reported cases of the West Nile Virus either in humans or animals.

“We are encouraging residents to take the necessary precautions to avoid contracting West Nile Virus,” South Dakota Health Official Daniel Bucheli said.

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  • “Simple, yet key mitigation strategies, like avoiding areas with sitting water and evening outdoor activities during mosquito season, can reduce risk.”

    Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer also urged the federal government to try and help to control the virus’ spread.

    “This is actually one of the worst mosquito seasons that we have had in recent memory,” he said Saturday.

    “Even more concerning, these mosquitos can spread the deadly West Nile Virus.”

    Noting that over 1,000 bodies of stagnant water in the Big Apple have tested positive for the deadly virus, he confirmed that the five boroughs of the state have reported cases.

    “The health department told the media that these numbers break the 2018 record for the entire mosquito season,” he added.