Inmate’s death at Rikers Island Jail ruled ‘natural’ as humanitarian group claims ‘decedent was denied medication’

1 month ago

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A 42-year-old inmate at New York City’s Rikers Island has passed away Sunday evening to become the 11th prisoner to perish behind the troubled jail’s walls this year.

Isaabdul Karim was pronounced dead at around 7:30 p.m. at the jail infirmary where he has been transferred after reporting “not feeling well.”

Correction Commissioner Vincent Schiraldi said that Karim’s death appears to be from natural causes but that “there is nothing natural about what is happening in our jail system right now.”

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    The Legal Aid Society had issued a statement following Karim’s death, explaining that was bound to a wheelchair and had medical issues.

    “Adding to this, Mr. Karim contracted Covid-19 while mired in intake for ten days, and he was denied access to his medications and critical medical care.”

    “He should have been in the community with his family, friends, and network, not in a jail plagued by an ongoing humanitarian crisis.”