Three deceased people found in Queens home from suspected drug overdose

17 days ago

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New York authorities said Sunday that three people were pronounced dead at a Queens home while a fourth woman survived the ordeal after fatal drug overdoses.

Officers discovered the bodies inside a two-story brick home on 106th Road near 180th St. in Jamaica at around 11:15 p.m. Saturday.

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  • Medics declared a 55-year-old woman dead along with two men, aged 59 and 56. A fourth woman, 58-year-old, escaped death after being found unconscious at the scene.

    First responders administrated two doses of naloxone in order to save her life. She was rushed to Jamaica Hospital and is listed in stable condition.

    One day earlier, cops discovered a woman dead from a suspected overdose in High Bridge Park. She was surrounded by drug paraphernalia.