Suicidal Nevada social worker drowns small children before driving to Arizona hospital

2 months ago

Henderson news, Nevada news.

A Nevada mom, who also is a Clark County Family Services employee, had admitted to drowning her small children Monday evening before trying to take her own life.

Henderson Police arrested 33-year-old Jovan Trevino on murder charges at the Western Arizona Regional Medical Center where she drove herself after the killings.

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  • There, she had told workers that she drowned her 4-year-old son and 1-year-old daughter in separate bathtubs inside her Henderson, Nevada residence hours earlier.

    She was heavily drunk after consuming Allegra, Theraflu, several beers, and tequila when she decided to kill her kids.

    She added that she had tried to cut her throat and wrist but couldn’t. She also parked in a sunny spot for hours so she would die from heat before driving to the hospital.