Mass. teen drowns drunk dad in pond; tells police he was baptizing him of demon

4 month ago

Crocker Park news, Massachusetts news.

A Massachusetts teen has drowned and killed his father during what he claimed was an exorcism late Sunday.

19-year-old Jack Callahan went to get his father, 57-year-old Scott Callahan, from a nearby bar because he was banned from drinking due to health issues.

But the father and son chose to spend some time at the Island Creek Pond in Crocker Park until the dad regained consciousness.

The suspect told investigators that Scott Callahan started beating him leading the son to grab the father and dunk him repeatedly in water until he passed out.

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  • “Jack Callahan believed he was baptizing his father. He described that he was holding his father in the pong on his back like a baby, that he continually dunked his father’s head in the water about 4 to 8 times,” prosecutors said.

    “When the father started to cough and choke, he would lift his head up, and then when the father started to fight and strike him, he pushed the head back down into the water. He did so until his father was no longer struggling and floating.”

    The teen told prosecutors that he believed his dad was possessed by a demon: “I left him there to decide, you can come to heaven with me or hell. I think he chose hell,” Jack added.

    Kevin Reddington, the suspect’s lawyer, asked for a mental evaluation for his client which was denied.

    “He was banging his head on the floor and the police had to put their boot under his head to kind of soften the blow. I did talk with him myself. I do believe he poses a risk of danger to himself,” the lawyer argued.