SC University senior was stabbed to death, tossed 70 miles away from home after getting into fake Uber

6 days ago

Columbia news, South Carolina news.

A South Carolina University senior who mistakenly got into a car thinking it was her Uber back in 2019 was repeatedly stabbed and tossed nearly 70 miles away from the scene.

Prosecutors said Wednesday that Nathaniel Rowland, who is currently being tried for the crime, pretended to be the Uber driver Samantha Josephson waited for outside a Columbia bar.

The defendant’s then-girlfriend that on the following day, Rowland’s vehicle was covered in blood, to the point her toddler’s shoes got it as she took her to a medical appointment.

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  • The witness recalled how she jokingly asked Rowland if he struck a dog and put it inside the car, to which he firmly replied that it was none of her business.

    Prosecutor Byron Gipson told jurors that Rowland’s acts on that March day were “intentional, deliberate, heinous, cruel, and malicious.”

    The 21-year-old victim’s boyfriend testified that he was the one who advised her to go celebrate her graduation with friends the night she met Rowland.

    “I told her to go out with her friends, that she just worked so hard, go into law school, that she deserved to have a night to celebrate that,” he said.