Chicago Uber-driver shot and killed by 4 carjackers: ‘He was out trying to earn a dollar

4 month ago

Chicago news, Illinois news.

A Chicago Uber driver passed away after being shot in the head by four carjackers Monday evening.

38-year-old Joe Schelstraete drove up to the intersection of 23rd Street and 55th Avenue in the Chicago suburb of Cicero.

Four suspects entered his 4-door Ford Focus at around 7:30 p.m. and asked for his money and phone.

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    He spent the next few hours brain-dead at a local hospital before he passed away Wednesday at around noon.

    “We are pursuing some other suspects of interest at this time,” Cicero Police Chief Jerry Chlada said after the arrest of a juvenile suspect in the case.

    He added that the victim was a “hardworking man” with three young kids to provide for and was just “trying to earn a dollar” when he was executed.