Suspect fires dozens of shots at Limo killing driver who ‘was out making a living’

23 days ago

Houston news, Texas news.

A private limo driver had been gunned down early Saturday when, police say, a gunman fired more than 20 shots at his vehicle.

The fatal shooting occurred at around 3 a.m. on the South Loop West on Interstate 610 near South Main Street.

Sgt. Mike Cass said that the suspect targeted the black Chevrolet Suburban carrying a family back home from a birthday party.

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  • The passengers reportedly returned the gunfire but the driver, who was not identified, died on the way to the hospital.

    “He was out doing his job, making a living,” Cass said.

    People in the car had to take over the wheel and pedals after the driver lost control and successfully stopped in the 8700 block of South Main.

    The gunman also fired shots at a Porsche leading it to crash and injuring a female passenger.