Florida mom, boyfriend discussed buying puppy after beating toddler to death ‘as if nothing was wrong’

2 months ago

West Melbourne news, Florida news.

Florida authorities have arrested a mom and charged her with first-degree murder in connection with her 3-year-old son's death that occurred last month.

Jameson Nance died on June 11 at the hands of his mom’s boyfriend Joshua Manns, 25, while she was at work.

Erica Dotson, prosecutors said, knew her son was being tortured by Manns and may have “drowned” when she discussed buying a puppy with Manns.

“Manns called Dotson as if nothing was wrong,” police sergeant Graig Erenstoft said.

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  • An autopsy showed that Jameson suffered “battered child syndrome” and had old injuries all over his body. It was also clear that the drowning claim was false without traces of water in his lungs.

    The mom tried to cover up Manns’ involvement in her child’s death, claiming his wounds were a result of falls.

    Police added that the toddler had told teachers he was being burned and beaten by Manns with the mom later resolving to hide Jameson from people.

    Manns was arrested late last month in Georgia and charged with first-degree murder and child abuse.