Oklahoma dad got high on cocaine& fell asleep while unsupervised toddlers climbed to hot car where they died

13 days ago

Tulsa news, Oklahoma news.

As part of a plea deal, an Oklahoma dad has admitted guilt in the deaths of his toddlers that were found dead in a hot car last summer.

Dustin Dennis told the court that on June 13, 2020; he took 4-year-old Teagan and 3-year-old Ryan to a QuikTrip before returning home, getting high on cocaine then falling asleep.

In the meanwhile, the toddlers were left totally unsupervised. At some point, they climbed to his hot car that was parked outside the home and got trapped for long hours.

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  • The children died of heat exposure with their bodies found lying on the car’s floorboards.

    “I failed my children,” Dennis told the judge Tuesday. “I didn’t do what I was supposed to do, and because of that they died.”

    Dennis faced two counts of child neglect in federal court that are punishable with three to six years behind bars and five years of supervision.