Remains of ‘beautiful’ mom found in woods a day after being abducted by ex-boyfriend; Toddler son found safe

3 month ago

Monterey news, New Jersey news.

Family and friends of a missing New Jersey mom believed to have been abducted by her ex-boyfriend along with their toddler, confirmed Sunday that her remains have been located.

Tennessee authorities arrested 27-year-old Tyler Rios who is accused of killing Yasemin Uyar and abducting 2-year-old Sebastian Rios later found safe.

Before hearing grim news, Uyar’s mom voiced out the entire family’s hope that the beautiful woman would be found safe.

“Still holding onto hope. I’m still holding onto hope. We’re praying. Sebastian needs his mom and we just want her back home.”

“Several years back, my daughter became involved with this boy who was clearly alcoholic. I tried to stay positive as I saw glimpses of hope in him and embraced him in our family.”

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  • She went on: “His drunken rages have caused him to choke my daughter till she passed out. Leaving her on the floor he stole her car and fled.”

    “He’s given her more black and blues than I can count. Over the years he’s continually pounced in her self-esteem with verbal and emotional abuse almost as much as the physical abuse.”

    When Uyar ultimately took the decision to leave him, Rios became “enraged” and harassed the victim “any way he could find.”

    “Pretty much just hoping that she’s safe for the sake of her, her family, and everybody else. It’s hit a lot of people,” family friend Robyn Morris said.

    “Typical textbook case of domestic violence. Progressively got worse and this is where it’s ending.”