‘It was their thing’: Ohio mom dies after artery tore off while riding roller coaster with teen son

19 days ago

Indiana news, US news.

Autopsy results revealed this week that the death of an Ohio mom while riding a roller coaster in Indiana’s Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari was because she couldn’t bear the force of the ride.

Dawn Jankovic, 47, passed away suddenly while enjoying “The Voyage” ride on June 4 with her son.

Dubois County Coroner Katie Schuck explained that Jankovic’s death had “nothing to do with the ride itself, but it basically was just the force.”

The mom died from a combination of severe internal bleeding, the tearing of an artery, and force from the roller coaster.

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  • Jankovic's 17-year-old son described his mom as “a loving mom” who was in good health before her passing.

    “She loved going to different places, parks, and all that. She was a hard-working mom. She tried her best to support me in all different ways.”

    The teen’s father added that Jancovic adored going to amusement parks with her only son.

    “Him and her are both rollercoaster enthusiasts. They go all over the place to different amusement parks. That was their thing.”