Pennsylvania Police catch bloody NJ brothers as they dump slain man in woods

1 month ago

Bucks County news, Pennsylvania news.

Authorities in Pennsylvania have intercepted two New Jersey brothers Thursday as they disposed of a human body in the woods of Bucks County.

A trooper spotted a disabled Subaru with NJ license plates and blinkers around midnight not far from a parked Audi A5 and decided to investigate the area.

“The trooper saw something amiss on the side of the road, did what troopers do, stooped and investigated,” Richland Police Det. Sgt. Raymond Aleman said.

17-year-old Joshua Gamble was trying to hide behind the Audi. The teen had bloody shoes and gloves. As he was being arrested, his 19-year-old brother showed up. Anthony Gamble ordered the trooper to leave as he sported a bloody shirt and shoes.

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  • Authorities said that another New Jersey resident was found dead in the area woods. He was identified as Kevin Rosero, 26.

    Rosero was stabbed to death in the head, neck, upper chest, and arm. His blood covered the inside of the parked Audi A5 where a knife was also found.

    “It is very difficult to kill somebody with a knife and it is often an intimate crime,” DA Matt Weintraub said.

    “You have to be within an arm’s length to kill somebody with a knife and to stab somebody more than once; we will be arguing that that is evidence of specifics intent to kill.”

    The brothers, who had no known relatives or business in Bucks County, were charged with murder and conspiracy.