Gas worker found dead in fuel tanker 2 days after leaving for road trip

4 month ago

Buckley news, Illinois news.

Chicago Police are investigating the death of a man whose body was found in a fuel tanker by two drivers last Friday.

The incident took place at a gas transfer hub almost 100 miles away from southwest Chicago.

The drivers told police that they found the corpse inside the tanker after they failed to unload gas from it normally, Coroner Bill Cheatum said.

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  • According to The Iroquois County Sheriff’s Department, the remains belonged to 29-year-old Garrett Meyer.

    The Nashville man has vanished after he went on a road trip a couple of days earlier.

    “We got a lot of questions we’d like to have answers to we ain’t go them yet,” Meyer’s stepfather told news outlets.

    The late man was a BP gas station worker. However, he didn’t buy or drive a gasoline car, according to his immediate family.