Brooklyn shooting victim dies without identifying relative who shot him, despite spending 10 days in hospital

1 month ago

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A Brooklyn shooting victim chose to take his murderer’s name with him to the grave despite surviving for 10 days following the fatal incident.

54-year-old Daniel Biggs was shot to the chest and torso near his home on May 2 and spent the next ten days at Kings County Hospital but never give up the shooter’s name.

He told detectives that the shooting occurred during a domestic dispute with a relative, and died without naming them.

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  • Back in August 2020, Biggs was arrested after he sucker-punched a 60-year-old man riding a bicycle.

    He was charged with assault and menacing. He was later released on bail.

    The man had an extensive rap sheet that included nine arrests for drugs and robbery and four jail sentences served separately between 1992 and 2019.