Smugglers leave Guatemalan woman’s body behind on Texas road after she became ill and died

3 month ago

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A Guatemalan woman who had successfully crossed the US-Mexico border was found dead on a Texas road this week.

Marta Ana Raymundo, 22, was very close to joining her family in Atlanta, Georgia when she fell ill and died at a warehouse where smugglers hid illegal migrants.

Raymundo’s dad Francisco said that she last called him on Saturday informing him that she crossed the border but could no longer use her cell phone.

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  • The father received updates from his son in Guatemala who had been in contact with smugglers and learned she had fainted in the hideout.

    “I thought it was due to fatigue. I didn’t think she was going to die,” he said.

    A few days later, the dad received a text message indicating where he could find Marta’s body. However, the man believes his late daughter was killed by smugglers.