Five gang members arrested crossing Texas border, getting blended with migrants’ influx

16 days ago

Loredo news, Texas news.

Texas Border Patrol agents said that they have arrested five gang members trying to cross the border at Loredo and taking advantage of the influx of migrants.

Over the last week, a member of MS-13 and two of the 18th Street Gang were busted among the crowds of people near frontier crossings in Texas.

“They attempt to evade arrest by exploiting the influx of migrants attempting to enter our country,” US Patrol Agent Chief Matthew Hudak said.

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  • The cited gangs are extremely dangerous and have ties in Central American communities in Los Angeles.

    Weeks ago, a 28-year-old gangster from El Salvador was arrested traveling with Salvadorian migrants.

    Two other suspects enlisted on the FBI terror watch were also busted near Calexico Port of Entry. In March alone, they were more than 172,000 migrants to reach the US, the same numbers are expected in April.