Schizophrenic mom kills 6 years old son, tells police someone shot at them

15 days ago

Brooklyn news, Ohio news.

An Ohio mom who initially claimed an unknown suspect fired at her and her 6-year-old son killing him had ultimately admitted to the murder.

30-year-old Daneicha Bringht shot her son Kaamir Bringht several times in the head and abdomen on April 24 at a Brooklyn hotel room.

She then called 911 from the front desk to report that someone shot her and the boy who was pronounced dead at the scene, but detectives did not buy her story.

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  • Her father revealed that Daneicha was diagnosed with schizophrenia four years ago and the family tried to no avail to get custody of Kaamir.

    “We all tried to get her help and in more than one state. Her mother was trying to get the baby from her, and social services stated, we don’t take kids from their parents anymore.”

    He described the child as energetic, playful, and remarkable: “He was eager to learn what the bigger kids were able to do, like riding a bike. He wanted to do everything,” he said.