Arizona man, who killed teen listening to rap, found dead in cell

19 days ago

Phoenix news, Arizona news.

An Arizona man who was due for trial next month has been found unresponsive in his cell on April 17 and authorities have yet to announce a cause of death.

Michael Adams was charged with murder after fatally stabbing 17-year-old Elijah Al-Amin in the neck at a Circle K store in July 2019. His motive was his disguise for the teen’s music.

“Adams stated rap music makes him feel unsafe because in the past he has been attacked by people who listen to rap music,” court documents stated.

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  • “Adams further stated, people who listen to rap music are a threat to him and the community. Adams felt he needed to be proactive rather than reactive and protect himself and the community from the victim.”

    Al-Amin’s family said that they were relieved they won’t have to see Adams in court every day thought the trial.

    “I don’t look at that as being justice because, at the end of the day, he was still human,” father Raheem Al-Amin said. “He made a mistake and I look at it like that because it’s a life gone. He has a daughter. I know what she is going through.”