Father charged with murder after crashing car into pole, killing daughter while driving under influence

1 month ago

Colton news, California news.

A California father who just lost his young daughter in a car crash is facing murder charges after an investigation showed he had been intoxicated.

28-year-old Ernesto Avalos had crashed his Toyota 4Runner into a pole on Sunday killing his daughter and Alexa and injuring his youngest son.

Witnesses told police that before hitting the telephone pole in the 900 block of South Cooley in Colton, the driver went over the center median and drove through a stop sign.

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  • They also said that the dad appeared to be drunk but detectives are investigating whether he had also been high on drugs.

    “The memories with remain, however, nothing can take the place of Alexa in our life,” the decedent’s uncle wrote on a GoFundMe Page.

    “This more so concerns my dearest youngest sister Stephanie who has lost her one and only daughter. Her pain is known only to her. I can’t fathom the agony she is experiencing.”