Florida woman shot and killed when neighbor accidentally discharged firearm while cleaning it

1 month ago

Jacksonville news, Florida news.

A 47-year-old mom-of-4 was gunned down inside her Jacksonville’s home on April 11 and police said that a stray bullet hit her head.

The death of Jennifer Edelen was nothing more than a “tragic accident” after investigators determined that her neighbor mistakenly discharged a gun while cleaning it.

“After securing that crime scene, officers were approached by a neighbor advising that while cleaning their firearm inside of their residence when a round accidentally discharged,” Sgt. Edwin Cayenne said.

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  • Authorities said that the two homes were 40 to 50 yards apart and that the victim was standing in her front room when hit.

    The State Attorney Office is yet to determine whether to file charges in the case.

    Anyone with further information regarding the incident is urged to call Police at (866) 845-8477 (TIPS).