Tragic accident: Louisiana boy dies while playing with dad’s AK-47

2 months ago

Baker news, Louisiana news.

A Louisiana child had accidentally hit himself while playing with an AK-47 as his father cooked lunch elsewhere.

Authorities declined to identify the tot or his father but said that the tragic accident unfolded at around 11:30 Wednesday at Breckenridge Drive, in Baker.

Two children discovered the unsecured gun and began playing with it before firing a shot that killed one of them.

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  • “This appears to be a tragic accident. Little boys and girls are curious, and tragic things like this can happen,” Baker Police Chief Carl Dunn said.

    A family relative said that the father recently bought the weapon to protect recording equipment for a home garage studio.

    “With the snap of a finger, you turn your head one time and anything can happen. With this situation, it hurts.”