MS-13 gang suspected after Police discovered woman’s body in traveling car trunk

2 months ago

Inwood news, Long Island news.

New York authorities believe the infamous MS-13 gang has something to do with the dead body they had discovered in the trunk of a sedan early Tuesday.

Federal officers were patrolling a Queens neighborhood at around 2 a.m. when they spotted four men carrying a heavy object into the back of a black car.

The officers followed the suspicious sedan onto the Nassau Expressway and stopped it near JFK Airport.

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  • They were alerted by a foul odor coming from the trunk and opened it to find a dead woman wrapped in a blanket. She appeared to be stabbed multiple times.

    Now, the NYPD zeroed the investigation on the criminal gang after arresting the four males.

    “Homeland Security Investigations New York, working with the NYPD and our law enforcement partners, made several arrests this morning pursuing a long-term investigation into certain acts of violence in the Queens, NY area,” the HSI said.

    “This case is ongoing, and there is no further information at this time.”